The Importance of Cleaning Your Hood

30/03/2015 - 2:00pm

Kitchens in commercial buildings, such as restaurants and hotels, often operate 24/7, and it’s important that they stay in top condition no matter how busy it gets--the happiness and even the safety of your guests may depend on it. Cleaning your range hood regularly is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your kitchen safe.

Prevent Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires can be some of the most dangerous fires in any building. Grease fires are especially dangerous because they are difficult to put out, can start suddenly, and can spread quickly. Your range hood is responsible for removing grease and other pollutants from the air, but sometimes, this grime gets trapped along the inside of your hood. Over time, it builds up into a sticky layer that can start a fire if ignited. Commercial kitchen hood cleaning in Seattle is the only way to ensure that your hood is free from potentially hazardous grease buildup.
Grease and grime in your kitchen hood can also damage your heat detection link. This device is responsible for activating your fire suppression system in the event of a fire. Proper hood cleaning will make sure your heat detection link is clean and working properly to ensure that your kitchen is completely protected.

Comply with Fire Codes

Not only is restaurant hood cleaning a good idea for safety reasons, it’s the law. Local and national fire codes require commercial buildings to have their hoods cleaned regularly. How often you have to have your hood cleaned depends on the type of cooking you do and how often the kitchen is used. Kitchens that are open 24 hours a day or use an extensive amount of frying are required to have their hoods cleaned and inspected quarterly. Kitchens with less grease production may only need to have theirs inspected once or twice a year. If you fail to comply with fire codes, you may be fined or even temporarily shut down.

Stay Insured

Your insurance company requires you to follow all fire codes. If you fail to have your hood cleaned and inspected on a regular basis, your insurance company may raise your premiums as a penalty. They may also choose to drop your coverage altogether.

Improve Your Air Quality

Your range hood removes a large number of harmful particles from the air in your kitchen, including smoke, grease, gas, and other chemicals. Keep your range hood clean so that it can do its job and provide your guests and employees with cleaner air to breathe. In addition to having your hood inspected and cleaned, make sure you are regularly changing the hood filter.

Deter Hungry Pests

Anyone who works in commercial kitchens knows how important it is to take proper precautions against pests like ants, cockroaches, and mice. These pests are drawn to kitchens because of the large supply of food and water, and keeping them away can be a never-ending battle. One of the things that draws them to your kitchen in the first place is the smell of food. Using your range hood and cleaning it frequently helps eliminate these food smells from the air so animals won’t be as likely to visit.