The Dangers of Not Getting Your Hoods Cleaned Frequently

31/08/2015 - 2:00pm

If you have a restaurant, you know that you must have your hood exhaust system cleaned frequently to avoid risk of fire. The National Fire Protection Agency has specific requirements regarding the cleaning schedule, and faithfully abiding by it can prevent not only mere inconvenience, but actual disaster. At Vent Tec, we know the requirements for kitchen hood cleaning in Seattle, as well as the possible repercussions of failure to comply with the mandates.

Eateries with light traffic may only need to be serviced annually. Fast food establishments, facilities housing wood- or charcoal-burning stoves, and restaurants open around the clock must have hood systems cleaned monthly. Whatever your particular scheduling rules, you face some serious consequences if you do not follow them.

Business Closure

Almost 8,000 restaurant fires are reported each year in the U.S., and approximately 20% of these can be attributed to poor hood and duct cleaning. Although more than 70% of these fires remain small, they still often require the business to close its doors temporarily. While the proprietors are having repairs done, customers tend to find other places to eat, and they may fail to return when the doors open. Even if you are fortunate to avoid a fire, a fire marshal or health inspector can have you shut down for non-compliance.

Property Loss

These fires also cause an estimated $246 million in property loss annually. Although business owners may erroneously believe that insurance is certain to cover these losses, this is simply not the case. Insurance companies require that you be compliant with fire codes in order to receive money for losses. Happily, insurance companies often offer discounts to establishments that receive regular cleaning, so you can save even more money by taking these important precautions.

Another possible cost of ignoring your hood and vent system is the excessive wear and tear this neglect causes to it. The same grease that causes such a fire risk is also sticky. It clogs the arteries of your machinery. The life of your system can be extended by years if you maintain it properly, so cleanings easily pay for themselves.

Personal Injury

Clearly, the most profound reason to abide by these practices is to ensure safety. On average, eatery fires result in 115 civilian injuries, as well as 2 deaths, per year. Remember that the fire codes are not in place to make your life more difficult. Rather, they are there to make it more secure.