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Vent Tec will remove all accessible grease from your kitchen exhaust system, and prove our work with a complete set of pictures made available to you. If we fail to remove the grease, or if you should fail a fire inspection, we will re-clean your exhaust system at no charge. Guaranteed!

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    Why Keeping Your Business Clean Is Important

    07/10/2015 - 2:00pm

    If you are reading this, then it is because you are someone who owns or runs a food-centered business. While your main worries are probably more along the lines of creating good food and marketing your products, we at Vent Tec want to remind you of another priority that needs your focus. Cleanliness is important for every business, but it is more so for food businesses. You have to put your focus on cleaning to keep your customers safe, to protect your products, to pass inspections, and to create a good work environment.

    Keeps Your Customers Safe

    Your role as someone who creates food is a very vulnerable one. This comes with some important responsibilities. A kitchen that is not clean is one that runs the risk of making customers sick. The simple steps of cleaning can help you avoid such a disaster.

    Protects Your Products

    A clean kitchen is far more likely to produce the kind of food that you want your company's name attached to. Your personal reputation will rely on the kind of food that comes out of your kitchen. Hood cleaning companies in Seattle, WA, like ours are here to help you cook good food in a clean kitchen free from smoke or excess grease.

    Passes Inspections

    As the safety of your customers relies on you doing your duty to keep your commercial kitchen clean, it will be something that health inspectors look for. Cleanliness should be high on your priorities list for a number of reasons; but at the bare minimum, you and your staff need to pass inspections to keep your company open.

    Creates a Good Atmosphere

    If you want your staff to create quality dishes, then you need to provide them with a good work environment. A clean kitchen is far more conducive to creating quality food than one that is a cluttered mess.

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