Why Keeping Your Business Clean Is Important - 2

09/10/2015 - 2:00pm

It is important for any business to stay clean in order to keep its clientele, but it is far more important for businesses that involve a commercial kitchen. Keeping a food preparation area clean is vital to keeping germs down, preventing food-borne illnesses, and passing health inspections. Basically, if you can't keep the cooking area clean, you will no longer be able to prepare your food or run your establishment. It is vital that you and your staff have the cleanliness of the kitchen as one of your highest priorities. Here at Vent Tec, we have learned that this is an important and sometimes very daunting task. The following tips can help you to keep your commercial kitchen clean:

  • Invest in professional kitchen hood cleaning in Seattle. There is a lot of grease, dust, and germs that get trapped on the metal of these range hoods and in the ventilation system. You need to regularly have these areas and filters cleaned out by the professionals who have the right tools and experience. We would be happy to come and help you with this.
  • Create a checklist: When you have something like this on display, it will help your staff to better visualize what you need done every day. This can also be a good way for you to create accountability for each cleaning task.
  • Keep the right equipment stocked: It will be hard for you or your staff to keep your commercial kitchen clean if you do not have the necessary tools and products on hand.
  • Hold cleaning training meetings: We have done this many times, as our company is focused on cleaning commercial kitchen areas. When you require attendance at these kinds of meetings, you will be able to give everyone specific instructions and let them practice on completing each task. This will also clear up any confusion that might be floating around.