Professional Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Seattle

Vent Tec handles all types of facilities — from cafes with a single range hood to the largest kitchens in the most challenging venues.


High-Rise Buildings

We can clean out grease exhaust systems in the tallest buildings with special remote cleaning equipment.


Noise Restrictions

Mixed used buildings and restaurants surrounded by residential units present special problems, since most of our work is done overnight and the typical process is very noisy. We have special low noise equipment and techniques to mitigate this problem.


Institutional Kitchens

Large venues such as convention centers, stadiums, hospitals and corporate campuses require a high level of professionalism, skill and organizational ability. We meet or exceed the most demanding expectations.


Sensitive Locations

We trap our effluent so that it is directed to the approved disposal method. We never let grease or cleaning chemicals enter the storm drains or surrounding landscapes.


Ultraviolet (UV) Grease Treatment Systems

Vent Tec is certified to perform cleaning and maintenance on these complicated and expensive systems.


Pollution Control Units

We have been factory trained to clean most types of pollution control equipment. Most exhaust cleaning companies are either unable or unwilling to clean this essential and complicated equipment.


IKECA and Gaylord

Vent Tec is an IKECA certified company, and we are the only certified exhaust system inspection company in Washington. Vent Tec is also a Gaylord certified service agent; we have been factory trained to operate, clean, and maintain all Gaylord systems.


General Contractor

Vent Tec can install and repair duct access panels to allow proper access to your exhaust system.


3M Certified for Grease
Duct Fire Wrap
Installation and Repair

3M trained for fire wrap installation and repair.

Trust a Professional

At Vent Tec, we follow a rigorous picture protocol that ensures all accessible portions of your exhaust system are cleaned properly. When we are hired for restaurant hood cleaning, every access hatch is labeled with a number, and our technicians take clear pictures of all parts of your exhaust system. We review these pictures after each service to make sure the job was done properly and completely; if there are problems with our work, we will notify you and return at no charge to finish the job. We are also happy to share these pictures with you and encourage you to physically check our work throughout the exhaust system—we’ll even show you how to do it. Not only does Vent Tec understand the importance of keeping your facility fire safe, we know how important it is to leave you with a clean and neat kitchen. We don’t want you to have any downtime cleaning up or organizing things after we leave. Our technicians cover the surrounding areas in plastic to protect it from overspray and even clean your mop sink before they leave. If they have to run hoses through your public areas, the technicians cover your floors and carpet with plastic to protect it. Vent Tec will always leave your hoods clean and sparkling and leave the rest of your kitchen looking better than we found it! Be sure to check out our testimonials page and read what some of the most respected names in the Puget Sound area hospitality business have to say about Vent Tec.